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What do you know about YouTube Shorts?

Did you hear about YouTube Shorts? In 2019, the YouTube platform decided to accept the challenge and got eager to compete with the short videos platform TikTok & Instagram Reels, introducing its new feature “The YouTube Shorts”. Simply, YouTube Shorts are limited-time videos with maximum duration of 60 seconds and minimum duration of 15 seconds. Usually YouTube shorts are considered one of the essentials in Goodzii’s marketing strategies for multiple reasons, let’s check them in the following points..

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What Makes YouTube Shorts Essential for Your Business?

Well, in a short period of time, YouTube Shorts became one of the essentials for successful marketing strategies.

1- Displays your content to a wider range of audiences

Who doesn’t want to expand his audience base? YouTube Shorts are one of the best ways to reach that! As YouTube is one of the OLDEST digital video-hosting platforms, it enjoys a wider audience base than any other video-hosting platform, as well as having its own loyal audience who prefer watching YouTube than the other platforms. Hence, whenever you post your video on it, you can guarantee more views. And here comes your role, to maintain their interest with high quality content.

2- YouTube shorts promote all of your business’s content on YouTube

If your business requires creating detailed content to better demonstrate your points, like educational content for example, then, YouTube Shorts are the perfect way to promote and make an attractive teasing for it! You can use YouTube Shorts to display a group of the most attractive points of your videos in 60 seconds maximum to capture the attention of your audience, and hence, redirect them to your channel to watch the full videos.

3- YouTube Shorts promote your business more efficiently

Why would you waste your time on a 15 mins video when you can learn the same piece of info in only 1 min?!

In today’s digital world, the majority of the audience tend to much more enjoy the short videos and reels, they no longer have the time to watch detailed or over-descriptive content as they’re always in a rush.

Creating an attractive content and displaying it in a YouTube Short will give your business a better opportunity to be viewed by different types of people, at any time, and maintain their attention, on the contrary of long videos, that have a limited audience base in comparison to the YouTube Shorts and Reels.

4- YouTube Protects your copyrights

YouTube has an amazing reputation in protecting copyrights in comparison to the other short videos platforms, therefore, when you choose to promote your business on YouTube, you will be able to prevent stealing your content as well as protect your account from threats of bans and censorship that may occur in other video-hosting platforms, like the wave of bans that the TikTok users had to face during the Covid-19 period for example.

YouTube Shorts

How Can You Make Money Out of YouTube Shorts?

Let’s go on a quick trip with Goodzii on how you can benefit and make money from YouTube Shorts, as a business or an individual content creator.

Earlier this year, 2023, YouTube began to accept the shorts creators into the partnership program, enabling them to benefit from the ads revenue, just like long-form video content.

To be accepted into the youtube partnership program, you will need to meet some requirements:

1- You will need to have a total of 10 million views on your YouTube Shorts content over the past 90 days.

2- You will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel.

3- You must be located in an eligible country (The countries identified in the YouTube Partnership Program).

4- You will need to have at least one original short video uploaded on your channel over the past 180 days before requesting to join the YouTube Partnership program.

5- Be committed to YouTube’s rules, guidelines & Monetization policies and completely avoid violating any of the terms and conditions.

6- Declare that you accept the terms and conditions of the YouTube Partnership program.

7- Your YouTube account / channel should be connected to an active Google AdSense account so you can receive the payment.

It’s the perfect timing to start promoting your business through YouTube Shorts. Are you excited? Contact Goodzii now and let’s work together on marketing your business through YouTube Shorts.

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