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10 Tips to master phone photography

Pictures usually speak for themselves. And we are all familiar with the fact that phone photography is challenging, and to capture professional shots with your smartphone like a pro, you have to consider some factors like focus, exposure, and lightning. That’s why GOODZii will give you tips, tricks, and practical manuals in this article.

Mobile photography for digital marketing
Mobile photography

10 Tips to master phone photography

1- Try different angles

Each angle gives a different feeling, so try taking photos from unique and unexpected angles. Getting creative with the shooting angle will make your picture memorable and stand out. Don’t be conventional, and avoid taking your photo from a straight angle. Instead, try taking pictures from upward or downward angles.

2- Set the focus properly

Whenever taking a photo, tap on the screen to set the focus on the part you want. This way will allow you to sharpen the view of your object and avoid having a blurry or noisy photo.

3- Go for natural light

Lightning is one of the crucial factors that affect the quality of the picture, and the effect of snapping a picture in natural light is incomparable. Thus, If you want to take professional photos, you have to take advantage of the natural light and lessen your usage of the flashlight, as it often makes photos look overexposed and fade subjects away.

4- Snap multiple shots

Take as many shots as you can, this technique will give you the chance to choose the best shots and remove the others. In order to take multiple shots, you can use the burst photo option to take many shots while your subject is moving and then select the good ones and save them.

5- Consider using HDR mode

HDR is an abbreviation for high dynamic range, and this feature aims to give a balanced exposure for your picture by balancing the lightest and darkest areas in high-contrast photos. For example, if you are taking a photo and the sky looks too bright, and the ground looks too dark, the HDR mode will balance these areas giving you a perfectly balanced exposure.

6- Keep your hands steady

If your hand shakes even a little while taking a photo, it will be blurry and noisy. And to avoid this, you have 3 options:

● Hold your phone still and keep your hands stable

● Use a flat surface like a wall to lean your phone on

● Buy a mobile tripod to give stability to your phone

7- Stop zooming in

A common mistake that most people make when taking a mobile photo from a distance is zooming in. This practice affects the picture quality drastically and makes it look blurry and pixelated. So next time, either trying to get closer to the subject by yourself or capture the photo from your place and crop it later to avoid sabotaging the quality.

8- Give the rule of thirds a try

One of the most famous photo compositions that photographers used to apply over the years is the rule of thirds. This rule divides your photo into 9 parts to form a three-by-three grid. Placing your subject on the intersection points will make your photo look more professional, natural, captivating and draw the viewers’ attention.

9- Take advantage of reflections

Have you seen your reflection in the water before? It looks magical, doesn’t it?

Taking pictures with reflection is also magical, it makes photos look more professional and eye-catching. Always look for reflections in mirrors, sunglasses, and water bodies, and never forget to capture those moments.

10- Use edit smartly

Edit is a double-edged weapon, it can take your photo to a whole new level or completely sabotage it. Be smart and use the right amount of editing to fix blemishes, brightness, color contrast, etc… and don't ever over-edit your photos. Here are 2 of our favorite editing apps for phones:

  1. Snapseed can be used on iPhone, iPad & Android.

  2. Lightroom can be used on iPhone, Android & Windows Phones.

Finally, phone photography isn’t hard, however, it needs two things; practice and following some basic photography rules, then you will have high-quality professional photographs. Just don’t forget to follow the tips GOODZii provided you with above.

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