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5 powerful content tactics for building Brand Awareness

Content marketing is one of the most powerful methods for brand awareness. In addition, It is one of the best ways that you should keep in mind to drive targeted traffic and win over new customers.

For new and growing brands, content marketing makes your customer know who your brand is and what it represents. Brand awareness is not just making your audience recognize your logo or brand name, It is how they understand the qualities that makes your brand unique. You can achieve this through the content that highlights the feature that makes your brand stand out.

Here are some of the best content tactics, provided by Goodzii, to increase the visibility of your brand:

Brand awareness

1- Utilize influencer marketing

For reaching wider audiences, you can utilize influencer marketing. This has become an effective tactic that E-commerce brands recently count on. They collaborate with some of the most popular influencers to share and promote their products.

Search for the influencer of your industry, who may be interested in your products and shouting out your brand. This could be in exchange for free products, or for money.

2- Create non- branded content

In this phase you can use non-branded search to drive more audience to your website and make them know about your brand.

First, you should create a blog on your company website. Then produce unique and new content as people always search for new information. It could help make your company stand out as well.

You can take one of the popular topics, break it down and talk in detail about one of the smaller components, or find a different way to talk about a specific topic, or take new angles on topics in your industry. Always Keep in mind choosing topics that the audience is interested in.

Brand awareness

3- Build industry partnerships

Forming partnerships with other business owners is an efficient tactic for new startups to utilize the power of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are a few ways to use content marketing in building industry partnerships:

Create informative video content: You can collaborate with other business owners to create video content for example “a startup oil brand collaborates with a famous frozen vegetable brand to create video food recipes.

Join Facebook groups and share insights with other industry professionals.

Host a Facebook Live or other live chat to grow your fan base.

Publish thought leadership content on LinkedIn and form new connections

4- Develop a diverse Content Strategy

As you are starting out, it is hard to know which platforms and which types of content are more appropriate for your target audience, so you have to diversify your content strategy to see which strategies have the most impact on your target audience.

You can use different types of content to engage your audience: “Videos, Blog articles, Podcasts, Infographics, Social media posts, Live videos, Guest posts, Interviews, Tutorials, Email campaigns, Paid ads, Hosted events.

The analytics will show which types of content your target audience engage with most. This will provide you with the direction that your upcoming content strategies should be based on.

5- Use Analytics tools for generating Content

There are many analytics tools that you can use to extract insights, discover the high performing content, and generate new content ideas.

Here are some of these valuable analytics tools:

Google Analytics: Which you can use for performance insights, user demographics, and user behavior.

SEMRush: It is a great tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, and content analysis

Hootsuite: it is the best analytic tool for social media engagement, impressions, and brand awareness

Did you find the 5 essential tactics easy to apply? Wait for Goodzii’s next articles on Content Marketing and Brand Awareness, and feel free to send us the topics you need us to discuss in our next blog.

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