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5 important tools for successful content creation

Content creation tools:

For marketers, content creation is a critical phase, full of challenges, starting from the idea, to the research, which could take you to another direction, and you might get lost as you produce your piece of content.

5 important tools for successful content creation Using the right tools can make content creation much easier and successful, and can help speed up the process, get some insights and eventually produce better performing content.

Here are the best 5 tools that we in Goodzii think will be useful for creating a successful piece of content.

5 important tools for successful content creation
5 important tools for successful content creation

HubSpot dashboard
HubSpot by goodzii

This is an analysis tool, which you can use to gain insights and discover which content performs highly and generate leads and develop your content strategy accordingly.

You can use this tool to scale up your successful content and optimize the pieces of content that are not effective as well.

HubSpot can be used to bridge your SEO tactics with content and audience interaction, when you distribute content on your social media platforms and web pages.

Cost: Free and paid plans

Google trends
Google trends search

With Google trends you can understand the popularity of keywords, and search terms, discover the trending topics among Google users and research topics’ performance over time.

This tool can inspire you and help you generate new topics and ideas, build different types of content, and be the first to jump on a new trend, otherwise known as “newsjacking”.

Cost: Free


BuzzSumo is a valuable content research tool that can help generate new content ideas.

Based on keyword research, this analysis tool shows the popular articles and posts, as well as likes, shares, links and engagement. You can count on it to discover which headlines, ideas, and content types that are successful and have worked well. It provides you with a full content report of the best content lengths, formats and distribution tactics as well.

Last but not least, the best part of it is that it gives you an access to discover the influencers and the thought leader of your industry.

Cost: Free for 10 searches a month


Grammarly is a grammar and spelling checker tool. If you are looking forward to providing a good user experience, and ranking your website on search engines, your content should be error- free.

This tool has a chrome extension. It sits on your browser, and analyzes and checks your content for grammatical errors, misspelling and plagiarism.

The premium version helps you adjust the style and the tone of your content for different audiences.

Cost: Free and paid plans

5- Canva


Canva is one of the most popular design tools that you can use to create simple stunning and effective visuals without a designer.

You can do anything on Canva, starting from presentations, social media posts, newsletter, infographic, logos and even Youtube intro.

Canva allows you to use templates to create outstanding graphics, edit your photos and give your content a unique look and feel.

Cost: Free and paid plans.


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