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How to drive successful traffic to your website?

Why driving higher traffic to your website is super essential?

As a website & business owner, there are many reasons why driving more traffic to your website is essential and should rank on the top of your priorities. Simply traffic is the key to your business’s success, the more traffic you get, the wider your customer base becomes. But why is that?

You can consider your website is your own headquarter, this is your own store / office, where you & the visitors are committed by your own guidelines, unlike the other social media platforms, where your page is considered as a guest on the platform.

Website traffic google anayltics

Website Traffic equals the number of visitors who have entered your stores and looked around to see if they would buy your products or services, hence, website traffic is essential to:

1- Better monitor your customer purchasing journey, and better understand your customers wants and needs as well; therefore, you will be able to solve their problems, find the key to meet their needs, and take down your competitors.

2- Generate more leads, and accordingly, generate higher sales.

3- Be able to do better research that will help you expand by creating even more remarkable services and goods, and thereby, grow your firm.

4- Grab the attention of the advertisers; when your website is distinguished by a good, high quality traffic, this will make you a great investment for advertisers to publish their ads on your website in order to gain more exposure, and your website will receive a revenue for allowing them to make their advertisements in your own online headquarter.

In conclusion, if you want a successful business, you will need high website traffic, the thing that will take us into the next and most important part of our article, how to drive successful traffic to your website

How to drive successful online traffic to your website?

Let’s go on a journey with Goodzii around how to drive successful traffic to your website and make the most benefit out of it.

In order to get high traffic, there are multiple approaches you can seek, here are the ones proven to be the most effective!

SEO “Search Engine Optimization”

On the top of the list of the essential ways to increase your website traffic comes SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your content with keywords that are related to your business.

Imagine someone searching for a specific product on Google, and whenever he writes the name of this product, your website is in the first results as a trusted product provider. This is what SEO does to your website.


First of all, you will need to identify the keywords that are commonly used to describe your business. Remember to check google analytics to help you figure out these keywords “Search Terms”, the search phrases that your visitors have accessed you through in past times, as well as the keywords that your competitors usually use.

Creating valuable & original content with an adequate percentage of the keywords in your website will help generate massive traffic to your website.

Here’s a pro tip from Goodzii; when you're working on SEO, remember also to optimize the images and visuals of your website and make sure they are optimized also for mobile devices, this tip will help your website reach a higher ranking in search engines.

Google Ads & Social Media Ads to promote your website

One of the important tips that shall help you drive great traffic to your website is creating Google ads and social media ads.

Whatever your business is, you can publish your paid ads on Google search engine, so your website will appear in the first ranking when anybody searches with a keyword that is relevant to your business.

Also you can create a social media ad that redirects the audience to your website, and hence, generate successful website traffic from the audience who have already clicked on your ad because they are searching for a similar product to the ones you provide. Say hello to your new leads!

E-mail marketing that is linked to your website

You can launch an email marketing campaign that includes new offers, announcements of new products or any other attractive piece of information along with a button to redirect your audience to your website.

Make sure to obtain a good reputation and positive reviews

When your business is positively reviewed and recommended by users and customers, Google automatically increases your ranking in the local search results, making it easier for the people in your area and people you consider as your target audience to reach you more efficiently.

Make a connection with your community and social media audience

Building a friendly relationship with your community and social media audience is one of the secret keys that are able to open new doors of website traffic to you!

Being present in most of times, replying to your audience and getting into conversations about interesting and trending topics on social media defines who you are to your audience and potential customers and help you get closer to them, and therefore, grab their attention to visit your website and generate better traffic, and finally convert them from potential clients to YOUR clients.

Do you need more tips to make your business a true success? Stay tuned with Goodzii and wait for our next article on

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