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How to master writing Video Scripts?

Do you want to create a video? Here the essential steps to create a mega hit video, most important of which are: planning video script, writing a brief, and creating script template. Check out this article to understand the essential steps.

Video script writing
Video script writing

Whether you are a marketer or a script writer, creating videos is a little bit complicated, as there are many steps like planning, editing, and producing the video, and every step of them needs much more effort and attention.

Goodzii will tell you some of the secrets that will help you master writing video scripts.


Planning your video script

Before you start writing your script, you should take time for deep research and creative thinking.

1- Identify your audience

Identifying the target audience helps you choose the appropriate tone of voice and communication, and define the problem that you will tackle or solve in your video.

2- Set a goal

Asking yourself why you are creating this video and defining the goal that you want to achieve from it, help you identify the relevant CTA “call to action” and what you want the audience to do after watching your video, as well as identifying the metrics and measuring the success of your video.

3- Choose one message

You should decide on one clear message that you want your video to communicate, and base the whole video around it.

Write a short brief

After the planning phase, It is the time to summarize what you want to do in a short brief, consisting of only 5 lines. This step is necessary to narrow down your ideas and see how the information flows from one point to another.

Create your own Script template

There are many elaborative script templates available, but it is better to create your own script template, especially if you are a beginner.

All you need to do to have your Script template done is to open a google document, Create a table with two columns: one for visual elements, and one for audio elements.

Script Template
Script Template

Also, you can check Studio Binder website for a detailed explanation on how to create a script template in Google Documents.

then you have to map out the visual and audio elements of the video scenes in sequence

Edit your Script

After finishing your first draft, go through your script and start editing, cutting and rearranging. Cut as much as you can to fit your time limit, and to move the audience directly to your goal.

Your video should be as short as possible, in other words, as long as it needs to be to cover the required points.

Get feedback

After writing and editing your script, you could ask someone who is not involved in the writing process to read your script and give you feedback, as we in Goodzii believe that criticism can make your script much better.

As much as creating a video requires going through several steps, it's still an easy and smooth process if you manage to follow all the steps correctly. And now you are ready to start, HERE YOU GO!!

If you find this article helpful in learning important tips to master video writing scripts, wait for our next article to learn more tips!

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